Saturday, May 22, 2010

Out of Office Reply

Ali and Andrew will be out of mobile reception for the next 300km.

Since you were roused by the blog delights of gastric lining within traditional khuushuur pancakes we have been subjected to a mixed bag of Mongolian sweets. We summitted a 2600m peak, enjoyed a speedy 45km of downhill, turned into 55km of nasty headwind on the valley floor upon a path which soon degenerated into what would be best described as beach. All this with stunning campsites and a puncture.

We are currently waiting out several days of dust storms outside our hotel room (winds at least 36kph), and a gastroenteritis storm inside Andrew's entrails (nausea waves at least 30minutely).

Cycling Summary
Tariat to Mountain Stealth Camp* (7km from Tsahir) 57km
Mountain Stealth Camp (7km from Tsahir) to Forest Stealth Camp (15km after summit) 53km
Forest Stealth Camp (15km after summit) to Desert Stealth Camp (5km after Ih Uul) 56km
Desert Stealth Camp (5km after Ih Uul) to Tosontsengel  40km (Total in Mongolia 888km)

*'How to play let's find a Stealth Camp' blog piece to feature in the coming weeks.

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