Monday, May 31, 2010

and on the ninth day they emerge...

Spending one hour in the heat with a swarm of inquisitive boys as we waited for the Narambulag well to open (only 15 min ago!) is not the most difficult thing we've done over the last isolated 490km, but it comes close.
we've just hit a patch of mobile reception following 350km of barren desert. there have only been a few casaualties; the birdlife of hyargus nuur lake who were subjected to some skinny dipping; the 65 litres of water we devoured after sourcing it from wells, rivers and mpuntain springs & ali's front fork  which succumb to several hundred km of corrugated roads.
we've heard the next 200km is some of most difficult, but now that we've stocked up on chocolate, we say bring it.  

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