Sunday, October 3, 2010

Transit Town

Tashkent to the Turkish Black Sea in 34.5hours

2300 Cycle to Airport. Pack up bikes. Have lively discussion with Uzbek air-baltic staff attempting to charge us a third and fourth fee for traveling with bikes. The long line of customers behind us eventually outweighs the benefits of continuing his discussion. We diligently witness the bikes being taken away. 

0250 Depart Tashkent.

0620 Arrive in Riga, Latvia. 5 hour stopover. Coffee.

1120 Depart Riga. 

1430 Arrive in Istanbul. Pick up our bikes! Put bikes together in record time.

1600 Take metro to Istanbul bus terminal and buy overnight ticket to Bartin.

1630 Drink tea, use internet, eat kebabs.

0000 Board bus with bicycles (extra fee negotiated down to reasonable levels)

0630 Arrive in outskirts of Bartin

0700 First Turkish coffee.

0650 Cycle to Amasra on Black Sea Coast 30km away

0930 Arrive in Amasra


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