Sunday, June 27, 2010

Change of Route

(photo care of The Guardian)

Owing to a combination of factors including the initial delay due to Mongolian dzud; recent events/unrest/looting/burning in Kyrgyzstan (yes we've been staying up to date, but thank you to everyone who has been letting us know about the changing situation) and the wedding of Steve and Ingrid in Switzerland, we are changing our route a little. This will mean missing out on the Pamirs...for this trip at least.

A good portion of the daily motorcycle tourists we pass have needed to change their route due to Kyrgyzstan conflicts as well. As the motorcyclists and the odd Russian have informed us while making machine-gun gestures "they have a war".

Our revised route looks a little like this:
  • Russia 27/6/10 - 8/7/10
  • Kazakhstan 8/7/10 - around mid July
  • Uzbekistan 2 weeks around mid July
  • Kazakhstan: Reenter on our double-entry visa. Fly from Almaty to Milan on 5th August (flight booked)
  • Italy/Switzerland: One month (until early September) including Steve and Ingrid's Wedding in Soglio and hanging out in Northern Italy in Aprica with Ali's relatives.
  • ???? Maybe cycle tour some of Western Europe. Maybe head to Berlin and hang-out for a few weeks or so, maybe head straight to Middle East
  • Turkey/Iran for 2 - 3 months up until Mid december
  • UK to meet Ali's relatives and Chris and Joffa (Andrew's brother and his girlfriend)
  • Fly back to Australia 16th January (flight booked)


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