Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yak attack

Following 160km of battling through roadwork-affected tracks, headwinds (again, this is becoming quite the theme), two river-crossings and a snow-fall (while at 2100m) we finally made it to Tariat.
By this time today we thought we'd be nestled in a tourist ger camp on the banks of a frozen lake complete with hot showers. Unfortunately such luxurious accommodations don't open until 1st June (when official tourist season commences). Instead however, we were found wandering in the main street by Tunga, an English teacher come guesthouse operator who has welcomed us into her ger.

Although the roads in this last section have been testing, the scenery in Arkhangai province well and truly makes up for it. Dramatic snow-capped mountains, frozen rivers, trees and FINALLY we see yaks. Many yaks. Furry, funny-looking and with seemingly much more personality than cows.

Cycling Summary
Tsetserleg to Ikh Tamir 26km
- we were defeated early on by 25km/hr winds described by a Mongolian website as "so STRONG"
Ikh Tamir to stealth camp site 62km
Camp site to Chuulut Gorge 47km
Chuulut Gorge to Tariat 32km


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