Saturday, April 10, 2010

How to go from Gyeongju to Busan by train

  1. Ride to train station
  2. Purchase tickets using phrase book and broken Korean
  3. When train arrives discover there is 3 steps from platform to train carriage and that the door is too narrow for the bike-pannier setup
  4. Rapidly take all panniers off bikes.
  5. Bikes on train. Bags on train. Train takes off
  6. Discover that there is no designated space for bikes
  7. Arrange bikes in intercarriage toilet area
  8. Induce surprise, frustration, empathy and apathy in a ticket collector all in a matter of minutes
  9. Upon reaching Busan rapidly unload all possesions before train takes off
  10. Load panniers onto bikes
  11. Ride bikes to elevator. Go up in shifts. Cross over railway lines. Go down in shifts
  12. Ride to metro subway line
  13. Ride bikes to elevator. Go down in shifts
  14. Squeeze bikes onto peak-hour train
  15. Get off subway...3 floors below ground level
  16. Discover the station has no elevators
  17. Precariously take bikes up escalator
  18. Discover station only has one flight of escalators
  19. Take all panniers off bikes
  20. Take one bike up remaining stairs and lock to pole, while second person watches bags*
  21. Take second bike up and lock to pole, while second person watches bags
  22. Together take all bags up stairs
  23. Load panniers onto bikes
  24. Ride to couchsurfing host's house (Mary)
  25. Discover Mary lives on 4th floor...with elevator
  26. Unload panniers from bikes
  27. While one person watches bikes all bags go up to 4th floor
  28. Bikes go up in elevator in shifts
  29. Pile belongings into apartment
  30. Lock bikes to bannisters
  31. Game over

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*Probably unnecessary as South Korea is an incredibly safe country


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