Friday, April 23, 2010

Landed in Ulaanbaatar

From UB day 1

After a late night arrival at Chinggis Khan International Airport, our job list for the day went something like this:
1. Find bank to get local currency
2. Learn name of local currency (tugrug)
3. Find coffee and local french bakery (le cafe est superb!)
4. Get bus to near immigration office (back out near airport), walk 30 minutes north, get registered, get visa extension form. Submit.
5. Learn new script (cyrillic), learn new language.
6. Find Mongolian replacement for Diget biscuits.

Well, we're here, we're safe and we're planning to bunker down for the weekend storm when the temperatures will plummet again. The balmy high of 12 degrees today almost had us fooled...


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