Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 8 30/3/10 Toechon to Yeoju – 53 km (Total 128km)

Yes, 53km shouldn’t take too long to complete. However when you are having your 3rd leisure stop at the 20km mark you know it is going to be a prolonged affair.
After 5km of steady climbing the beckoning café with outdoor seating wooed us in for an early break. At 15km, the ‘Dr Park’ Art Gallery situated on the Han river allowed us to park our bikes inside and offered complimentary coffee. Any friend of our bikes…
Following two length sojourns the day was running away, yet it would only be 5km further before roadside 2-minute noodles slowed us down. While eating two Mongolian students living in Korea asked us to buy some socks to help fund their studies. They informed us that Mongolia was snow-free, green and warm. The internet begs to differ, but we were so impressed with their intel, we bought two pairs.
After powering the next 30km we reached Yeoju. The day ended with a dumpling and kim-bab (like sushi) dinner and the continuation of our systematic testing of local beers. The current ranking is as follows:
1. Max: ‘A delicious Idea’
2. Hite
3. Cas


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