Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Surly beginning

20kg of bikes and boxes, each
18kg of checked-in luggage, each
8kg on-board pannier, each
One flute
One violin

5kg worth of excess baggage charges

Andrew and Ali 1, Korean Air 0

We've spent the last two nights with our superb couch-surfing host, Aimee and begun to sample some of what Seoul has to offer. However, yesterday was dedicated to our Surlys as we bolted, allen-keyed and spannered our steads back together. With the exception of some loosened front derailer cables all was intact. (For those unaware, the brand of our bike is Surly)

Stay tuned for 'Bike Perils 01 - Yellow Dust'


Sheen said...

Welcome to Korea. I'm Jay in Korea.

A friend of mine, older than me, said he met two world tourists from Australia riding Surly Long Haul Truckers. I'm interested in bicycle touring and assembled LHT last year to take journey. I have no plan of world tour like you but sooner or later I will start Korea country tour.

According to Korea Meteorological Administration, it will be capricious climates in spring. We had heavy crazy show in March. Frequent yellow sand is predicted.

Have a nice tour in Korea. Take cares.

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